Marian Program

Sandal Steps of Mary

A special Marian program, entitled "Sandal Steps of Mary," will offer students the opportunity to learn about Our Blessed Mother, her apparitions, and her important role in the church today. It will also explain the power of the rosary in language children can understand.

Mary said, "Yes," when she was asked to be the Mother of God, and saying "Yes" is the foundation for this program. By learning about others who said, "Yes," children will be encouraged to say "Yes" to God in their own lives.

Using puppets, Kelly will share stories of Our Lady's visits to Guadalupe, Lourdes and Fatima, detailing how Juan Diego, Bernadette and the three children of Fatima (Lucia, Jacinta and Francesco) all said, "Yes" when they were visited by the mother of God. Showing a picture of Juan Diego's tilma and holy water from Lourdes, she will challenge the students to believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Mary has appeared on earth.

Kelly will tell the children, "There are three things I will never be without," before showing them a rosary, a brown scapular and a miraculous medal. She will then share the stories of how these special gifts came to us through Sts. Dominic, Simon Stock, and Catherine Laboure.

Sharing the story of a prayer answered by her 5 year-old daughter and the beliefs of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, Kelly will ensure the children that their prayers are very powerful to God the Father.

Kelly will talk to the children about what it means to consecrate their lives to the Blessed Mother and will offer a special prayer of consecration with them. She will also teach them the poem, "Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue," with special hand motions.

All children will receive a holy card and a handout (4 pages of fun, ready-to-do activities). Children in upper grades (5th or 6th through 8th) will participate in an interactive and fun wedding skit. At the program's conclusion, Kelly will bless each of the children with holy water from Lourdes, France, while encouraging them to present their personal petition at that moment to Jesus, through Mary.

Sandal Steps of Mary Puppet Friends

What Others Are Saying About Sandal Steps of Mary
"I was inspired by all the things I learned about miracles. I liked hearing about how Mary appeared to Bernadette and told her to dig in the dirt, and then a spring formed." - Rebecca, 8 years old (student)
"I really liked how we learned about the miracle of Fatima. Mrs. Lynch chose students to act out the story with cute puppets." - Rosalee, 10 years old (student)
"I was reminded of three very important tools Mary gave me to help keep me close to Christ ... my rosary, my scapular, and my miraculous medal. What an excellent message for children and adults alike!" - Jen, 37 years old (parent, St. Patrick's School, York, PA)
"Wonderful presentation! A message students truly need to hear." - Teacher, St. Gregory the Great School, Hamilton, NJ

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