What Others Are Saying

"[Kelly's] enthusiasm and life experiences drew the students to listen and enjoy the presentation. It was excellent!
- Teacher, St. Gregory the Great School, Hamilton Square, NJ

"Every person there ... from the kindergarteners through the eighth graders through the adult staff members ... was moved by Kelly Ann Lynch's program and said it ranked as one of the best assemblies presented at our school. Everyone was engaged, and even more than that, we walked away with the desire to make a difference in the world by saying 'Yes' to God."
- Mary Earnest, Asst. Principal, St. Joseph School, Mechanicsburg, PA

"Kelly did a wonderful job presenting the faith and charisma of Father Mychal to the students at Saint Columba School. Her passion to share the heroic and inspiring life's story of Father Mychal, combined with her own fervent and sincere message of faith, made Kelly's presentation a spiritual renewal for the students and teachers alike."
-Caleb Fritz, Religion Teacher, St. Columba School, Bloomsburg, PA

"Kelly Ann Lynch, author of He Said Yes, gave an unforgettable book reading and signing. It was an amazing experience for the students in kindergarten through grade 6. She gave a dynamic and captivating presentation that mesmerized those in attendance. The spiritually based program included the book reading and more! There was a positive message on how we can all say yes to Jesus in different ways. Students will leave this presentation wanting more. Kelly has a true gift as an author, story teller and as a true messenger from God."
- Julie Onacila, M.Ed., Principal, Saint Brendan School, North Olmsted, OH

"What a blessing for our home school family group. In her Marian Sandal Steps presentation, Kelly not only conveyed information in an engaging format for all ages but also exuded the grace of the Holy Spirit to all present. Kelly's personal faith story is as real and inspiring as her faith is alive and positively contagious! We hope she will join us again in the future.
- Pamela A. Kole, Homeschool mother of 7, Carlisle, PA

“Kelly Ann Lynch, author of He Said Yes, presented a memorable program to our students recently at her book reading. The students were not only captivated by her book about Father Mychal Judge, but also were inspired by her trust in God. She reminded us all that God is as close as a whispered prayer."
- Ellen Tucker, Librarian, St. Leo the Great School, Lancaster, PA

"Mrs. Lynch's presentation was very insightful, down to earth, and held the attention of even the little ones."
- Kathy Sullivan, 2nd Grade Teacher, St. Margaret Mary, Harrisburg, PA

“Kelly Ann didn't just deliver a message to the youngsters at our school, she WAS an inspirational message by her obvious love for Jesus and loving concern for the children sitting on the floor in fascinated attention.”
- Father Cassian Miles, OFM, Our Lady of the Assumption Church and School, Wood Ridge, NJ

"Wonderful presentation! A message students truly need to hear!
- Teacher, St. Gregory the Great School, Hamilton Square, NJ

"All of us were edified by Kelly's deep and abiding faith and the active response that she and her ministry represents."
- Father Bob Sandoz, OFM, Our Lady of the Holy Angels Church, Little Falls, NJ

"It is clear Mrs. Lynch's faith resonates throughout her life."
- Tina Solomon, 5th gr. teacher, Saint Margaret Mary School, Harrisburg, PA

"Two thumbs up! "
- Marlane Shearer, 6th grade teacher, Saint Margaret Mary School, Harrisburg, PA

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