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God calls us to goodness in many ways. Sometimes He speaks through our parents, teachers, priests, and friends. What will you say when you hear His voice?

Elementary Age Children ~ God is as close as a whispered prayer.
Have a party! In lieu of gifts this year, ask your friends to bring socks for the homeless or canned goods that can be donated to a neighborhood soup kitchen. What will you do? Click "Post a Comment" below to share your ideas. Download an activity sheet here.

Middle School Children ~ Every moment in your life is an opportunity for you to make a difference. What can you do with a simple brown lunch bag? How can you use that bag to bring about kindness? Write a kind letter and leave it in a special place for someone. Fill the bag with toiletries for someone in need. What will you do? Click "Post a Comment" below to share your ideas. Download an activity sheet here.

So you want to be an author but you don't like to read? I meet children all the time who tell me that they don't like to read. And you know what I say? If you don't like to read, you just haven't found the right books. Try reading a cereal box or a comic strip in Sunday's paper. Try reading different kinds of books. Do you like true stories? Fiction? Mysteries? History? Poetry? Picture books? Harold and the Purple Crayon, for example, is a fun book where you get to travel through Harold's imagination to see what comes next. Have you ever read Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late? The illustrations are fabulous, and you can read what the pigeon is thinking as you turn each page. Don't be intimidated by the size of a book! My son is 10, and he just finished reading one of the largest books I've ever seen - The Invention of Hugo Cabret - there are lots of illustrations and once he got started, he couldn't put the book down!

Get a reading light. Is your birthday coming up? Do you have any money in your piggy bank? Ask for or buy a reading light. Keep it by your bedside. Read for a few minutes each night before you go to bed.

Try this. Choose something from the list below - something or someone you know nothing about - and challenge yourself to learn about it. It's a fun activity, and you must read books or go to the internet (with the help of a parent) and read facts to get your answers. Here are some topics to help you get started. Remember to choose one that you know nothing about. Click "Post a Comment" below to share what you found out.

Seahorse, Antarctica, Apostle Paul, Blue Grotto in Capri Italy, Our Lady of the Smile, Homelessness, Tomie dePaola, Harmonica, History of the Teddy Bear, Lincoln Tunnel, La Befana, Our Lady of Knock, Titanic, Squanto the Indian, Mother Teresa, Miracle on the Hudson, Moon, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, John F. Kennedy, St. Patrick's Cathedral, St. Francis of Assisi, The Great Depression, Rocky Mountain National Park, America's Promise, Finch

What did you find out? Where did you look? The library? A book store? An encyclopedia? The internet? Click "Post a Comment" below to share what you learned. Reading opens all kinds of doors.

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