Programs for Public Schools & Libraries

Be aware. Listen and learn. Make your difference.
Kelly Ann Lynch is pleased to offer presentations for public schools and libraries using recognizable children's characters and themes. "Curious George always seems to find his way into trouble," she will tell students, "but in the end, we can see the good he has done along the way."

Encouraging children to do their own good in the world and to make their own difference, Kelly will share relevant stories from her childhood. She will explain how she won a 10-speed bicycle and got to have her picture in the local paper just by collecting the largest amount of donations in her small town for the March of Dimes.

When she discovered how a simple smile could change someone's day, Kelly asked her mother to make her a black-and-yellow-checkered clown costume. In that costume, she was transformed into "Kelby the Klown" and visited hospitals and nursing homes offering love and laughter.

"Every moment in your life is an opportunity," she will tell the children, "an opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone else." With exuberance she will encourage them to look in their homes, their schools and their neighborhoods for someone in need ... and reach out ... and offer a simple act of kindness.

Every child present will receive a brown lunch bag and be asked to take the Kindness Challenge. "Surely, you can do something with this bag," Kelly will tell the children, "to bring about kindness to another." Whether the children choose to fill the bags with pencils to give to a homeless student project or simply write a note of affirmation for a loved one, their efforts will not go unnoticed. And Kelly will assure them of that.

In a world where even our President is asking us to step forward and help those in need, children must take their first steps in making our country a better place. Kelly will offer practical ideas and suggestions as guidance in those first steps. She will also share the story of how her own daughter got to meet President George W. Bush after reaching out to help others after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

In sharing the historical and factual story of lifelong friend, Father Mychal Judge, Kelly will tell the children what he did when he was offered an airplane ticket to anywhere in the country.

Being aware of the needs around us, performing simple acts of kindness, and caring for each other are the founding principles of this presentation, designed specifically for public schools and libraries.

Children will each receive a handout (4 pages of fun, ready-to-use activities) to reinforce material shared in this presentation.

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